"Frog" What can’t you say about this big, stout, beautiful gelding? He has been the go- to horse for years on the ranch. He’s now the go to jackpot horse. Frog is a finished and hauled head horse; strong on a rope with a lot of run and very broke. Frog is a classic and will haul you to the pay window over and over.

Dual Tinsel


“Squirrel”- is a gentle, kind, young gelding that anyone can ride. Our youngest kids can ranch on him all day. He has drug calves in the branding pen and sorted plenty of cows. He is started well in the arena and making a very nice heel horse. Squirrel is one of those special ones that get in time with a steer, making heeling easy. He has a big stop and plenty of run.

Starlight Fox

2014 Buckskin Gelding


“Western” who wouldn’t want to own one this pretty? This good looking buckskin gelding has been fun to use on our ranches. He can pack you all day on the ranch and then in the arena. Western is kid safe and jackpot ready on either side of the steer. This gorgeous gelding has tremendous talent and the looks to go with it, never a bad day with Western.


2015 Sorrel Mare

"Lanie” is a big and strong 4 year old mare. We’ve been roping on this pretty mare, but she has the talent to go any direction. She is by our Peptoboonsmal stud and has the cutting moves to prove it; a great turnaround and a big stop. Lanie has been hauled to NCHA cuttings and would fit perfectly at ranch horse competitions.

RO Ikes Penacho

2015 Sorrel Mare

"Dot” is not only a flashy mare, but she is stout and can take any cowboy where he wants to go on the range. Not to mention, she also has an impressive pedigree. With a good mind and solid footing, Dot is the real deal. She has been roped on outside, handles well in the bridle, drug many calves to the fire, traveled through tough country and is started in the arena.

Flit To Bounce

2016 Sorrel Mare

"Snickers” this little filly is born to run. Just look at her pedigree, all black type. We’ve been riding her about 4 months and its clear she can go any direction. She lopes and carries herself like a reining horse; low head and a nice stop. All this comes in a cute, gentle package that anyone can get along with.

Tinsel Town Taz

2003 Sorrel Mare

“Taz” this mare came from Oklahoma as a trained cutting horse. For the last 10 years she has been one of our best producing mares; raising colts that we make a living on. Her colts have had a ton of talent and excel in any arena. She is selling bred to our newest stallion, A Rhinestone Cowboy by Sadies Frosty Drift and a filly by Easy Moving Streaker by her side. This 3-in- 1 package should be outstanding!

Playin Dual Win

2018 Bay Gelding

2 Shots- Both Mom and Dad were performers in and out of the arena. Whiskey is one heck of a ranch mare and Dual Winner, our ranch sire speaks for himself. Own a piece of our Legacy! This colt will be able to take you places!